Monday, 3 September 2012

Better Health Pain and Wellness Centers Offers Free Community Service

Better Health Pain and Wellness Center has found from it’s study that about 85 percent of people will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, and 15 percent of people have lower back pain right at any given time. The services provided by Better Health Pain & Wellness Center free of cost are educational and interactive for local businesses, groups, and communities. Better Health Pain and Wellness is an advanced pain center of Alaska, uses the natural capacity of the body to heal to as a tool for healing pain in injury. They provide very effective physical therapy Alaska.

At Better Health Pain & Wellness Centers in Anchorage, AK, excellent Chiropractors in Alaska and physical therapists help both children and adults find relief from many pain conditions. Better health Pain and Wellness Center offers free services in the following Health & Wellness Seminars, Spinal Evaluations, Range-of Motion Testing, Strength Testing, Body Fat Testing, Ergonomics and Proper Lifting Training. The professionals at Better Health Pain & Wellness Centers are very well trained in the field of Chiropractic care .According to one of the patient’s testimony “In June of 2003 I herniated a disc in my lower back causing severe pain in my right leg. The pain was at times almost unbearable making it difficult to get around. I am now fully recovered without surgery. I would highly recommend that anyone with a ruptured or herniated disc give Better Health a try first before surgery.”- Michael M.

Better Health Pain & Wellness Centers offers FREE community health & wellness services to increase general awareness and educate the public about hands-on health care. In Better Health Pain and Wellness Centers the Anchorage chiropractors believe that it is very important to be fit and cure any problem as naturally as possible. They have a very compassionate approach to their patient’s pain with a carefully chosen amalgamation of disciplines, the result is extra ordinary. In Better Health Pain & Wellness Center at Alaska they always ensure that their patients feel comfortable in their office. They are particular about the chiropractic care provided should be convenient, personalized, effective and a good value.

If you to find out more about Orthopedic Anchorage call the toll free number 1-877-346-5255.


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  2. This is a great article but can you recommend any natural supplements or anything I can take to manage my back pain?